Versatile, clean, exclusive. This is how you will look when you choose handmade designed pieces, all created by Rafaela Lourenço!

African rooted, born and living in Portugal, Rafaela studied fashion design in Lisbon and from there, expanded her vision to the world. Inspired by underground raving experiences and a traveler life, she creates pieces for you to shine.

RaphaL is an Artisanal Street Wear Fashion Brand.All the Designs are UNIQUE and created by the Portuguese designer.

She has a great passion for fashion, but at the same time she worries about our mother Earth, therefore, her designing concept tries to have the minimum ecological footprint impact possible.

Under a SLOW FASHION conception, all the creative process is made by the designer. She develops the design, chooses the fabrics, makes the patterns, cuts the fabrics and steetches the clothes. This handmade process imprints to each piece an interesting uniqueness, not only to the look and to our eyes, but also in the energy that the designer Rafaela puts in every piece.

As a designer, Rafaela Lourenço travels around the world, so each collection is fully influenced by the environment she is in. Through her experiences, each detail tells a story or highlights a feeling, a sound, a smell or a view.

RaphaL intends to alert consumers to the extreme and compulsive clothing consumerism, calling the consumer's attention to this fact, in order they can evaluate what and how to buy in a balanced way.